Engineered Solutions

Ghattas Engineering is an HVAC consulting engineering firm founded in 1999 by Ray Ghattas, P.E. and Dr. Rashad Elbeshy, P. E.

Ghattas Engineering specializes in complex HVAC projects that require senior-level engineering involvement at all phases of the Project.

Our customized services include the following:

  • HVAC system engineering and preparation of Construction Documents
  • HVAC system troubleshooting, evaluation, and review
  • Controls system engineering
  • Energy analysis and Utility Rebate Program
  • Due Diligence Studies and Peer Review Services

Our clients include aerospace companies, Architects, Building Owners, and Building Managers:

  • Clean rooms and laboratories
  • Office buildings
  • Medical facilities
  • Educational facilities
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Tel/Data Centers
  • Retail establishments

The following are examples of the types of HVAC projects that Ghattas Engineering specializes in:

  • Clean room design
  • Air Handling Systems
  • Chiller plants
  • Boiler Plants
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Process Plant Systems

Our Approach

Ghattas Engineering provides senior-level engineering services including direct project involvement by the two founding principals. Ghattas Engineering prides itself on responsive and flexible project management derived from years of hands-on industry experience.

From conceptual design through project completion, Ghattas Engineering has direct, practical experience in all phases of HVAC construction projects. With an emphasis on problem solving, we have successfully improved mechanical systems in many existing facilities.

In addition to providing traditional HVAC design services, Ghattas Engineering offers a customized approach to energy analysis for mechanical systems. By combining our practical design expertise and analytical skills, Ghattas Engineering can identify and implement energy conservation improvements that result in an efficient operating system, not just a report.

If you require customized HVAC engineering services ranging from analysis to system design for your facility, Ghattas Engineering can offer senior-level engineering support to determine the appropriate, cost-effective solutions to your engineering challenges.