Energy Analysis

Customized energy analysis of mechanical systems is a key service offered by Ghattas Engineering. Our in-depth engineering skills and awareness of energy-sensitive issues lets Ghattas Engineering identify energy-related problems and offer solutions through customized analysis. Ghattas Engineering’s projects typically include:

  • Modeling existing facility energy consumption and operating costs
  • Evaluating existing mechanical systems performance
  • Identifying effective existing mechanical systems upgrades/retrofits
  • Determining the feasibility and benefits of installing new mechanical systems We currently have an in-house inventory of roughly $100,000 worth of metering and monitoring instrumentation that we use to develop baseline and post-retrofit energy consumption values. These instrumentation are available free of charge to our customers as part of the consultation services

Typical mechanical systems that Ghattas Engineering has analyzed include chiller plants, heating plants, air-handling systems, and specialized process systems. In addition to energy analysis, Ghattas Engineering has performed evaluations of systems taking into account environmental factors, regulatory issues, and economic issues.